About Us

Interdesign has been coined as a synonym to interior designing, Cited in the prime locale: Andheri. Interdesign flourished as Interior Designing Consultancy and Turnkey Solutions provider. Established in 2003, Interdesign till date has successfully completed around 500 projects and has a list of more than 300 satisfied clients. Interdesign has reincarnated designing concepts and added new dimensions to it. Whether it comes to designing your cosy homes or to have a facelift of your office Interdesign never let you down. We are also specalised in managing space in the retail shops and ushering utmost comfort to patients at hospitals.

Interdesign Philosophy :
Dawn at Interdesign begins with revolutionary designing concepts in contemporary style. Interdesign always aims at furnishing every project with a freshness of its work. We always stand against plagiarism and motivate our designers to be innovators of designing arena and compel others to follow the same. We believe in synergy between our designers, contractors and artists as their joint efforts yields rich fruits of success. Our peace of mind lies with the sense of satisfaction of our trusted clients.

How we work

Residential spaces, cubicles, hospitals or schools. Nothing is new to us. But our clients require a charm and freshness in their dream spaces. The most complex task is to understand clients requirements. We have to sense their feelings and construct a design which is aesthetical and commercially viable. It basically is just like scanning the brains of our clients and transforming their imagination to reality

We offer a range of services from design consulting services, general contracting and turnkey solutions. Once the client opts for our services, the following project cycle is discussed with them.

Project cycle Preliminary Discussion :
Project begins with the preliminary discussion with client, where we try our best to understand the requirements. This is the most complicated stage where fascination of clients has to turned to reality.

Designing Blue Print :
After citing the requirements of our client with a convoy of best designers, a project undergoes brain storming sessions to provide the best solution to our clients. Designs are analyzed meticulously and discussed with them. Approval of Blue Print marks the end of our second stage.

Materials Specification and Quotation :
Finalization of design is followed by specification of materials which is vital to implement the design. From quality of flooring to thickness of false ceiling to wires that will be used with their gauges are listed and submitted to client. After approval of materials specification comes the pricing of project. Prices which are quoted are based on the norms of interior designing industries.

Project Implementation :
With the final settlement of prices begins the untiring effort of our team of designers and artists who strive day and night to complete the project within the given time span. More importantly, due consideration is taken that prices are not escalated during the project life cycle and a lot of hard work is put into, to ensure the design is as flexible as possible for incorporating changes in the latter stages of design (if any).

Quality Control :
The success of our project lies in the hawk eye view of our designers and contractors. We assure you that quality is never compromised. Periodical quality check and testing ensures a flawless project every time.

Conclusive Walk Through :
Project cycle ends with client walk throughs and thus one more impressed client is added to our never ending list of staisfied clientele.